Code of Conduct

The Paladin Code

“Non Cadimus” is the salute of the Paladin Corps, meaning “We do not fall”. However, the Paladin Corps has an oath which is also observed by all those who operate under their auspices. This oath, known as the Paladin Code, is considered beyond reproach within the world of SPRK and we ask all our players to follow the same code:

For the Community, For my Friends, For the World, I solemnly swear to act in the best interests of all. 

  • Basically, don’t be a dick. SPRK Staff would rather not remove people from the game, but if you become a problematic element, we will not hesitate to do so, end of line.

I will maintain honesty and integrity.

  • Take your hits, don’t break the rules, and do not steal SPRK content without written permission from staff. Any re-use of rules or other elements not explicitly related to SPRK may not be reused without express permission from Jesse Heinig of Dying Kingdoms who built the base ruleset SPRK is built upon.

I will follow the letter of the law to the best of my ability.

  • This should go without saying, but do not violate any real-world local, state, or federal laws at a SPRK event.

I will treat others with the respect with which I would wish to be treated.

  • Abusive, overly harsh, consistently derogatory, extremely insulting, or intentionally demeaning behavior of any kind will not be tolerated. This is at game or away from SPRK events and includes inflammatory emails, Facebook posts, or IMs directed at SPRK players, staff, or anyone involved in the game. Repeated offenses from any particular individual that person may be asked to leave SPRK events either temporarily or permanently, and they will only be allowed back to SPRK events at the discretion of Marshals and Staff.

I will follow the path of the Light and work to protect my soul from the corrupting influence of the Darkness.

  • Not every player character in SPRK must be good, but none of them may be outright evil. Villainous characters are not acceptable for SPRK. This is a purely PvE game and players are expected to behave as such.  If Staff storytellers warn you that your character is becoming a villain, take time to work with Staff storytellers to reexamine your character’s motivations, or retire your PC into an NPC villain. This includes characters falling to, or in danger of falling to darkness. Grief play is also included under this rule; players who actively take part in attempting to ruin the game for other players will be dealt with accordingly.

I will respect the rulings of the High Council of the Paladin Corps.

  • Also known as Rule Zero, the rulings of staff and marshals is absolute. Players may explain or suggest changes or issues with these rulings as long as it is done so appropriately and with respect for the marshals and staff who work so hard to make SPRK happen.

I will engage the forces of darkness wherever I find them and protect the innocent to serve the Light.

  • “If you see something, say something”. If you are aware of others infringing upon our code of conduct or otherwise causing issues within the community, do not hesitate to reach out to our player liasons or to staff immediately so that the issue can be dealt with.

By my honor as a Paladin and a guardian of the world, I swear to uphold the virtues of the Paladin Corps. Non Cadimus!