Social Media, Likeness, and I.P. Agreement

Social Media Agreement

Let’s face it: we’re LARPers; we get excited. We tell stories together and we want to share them! By signing below, you agree to allow the Staff of SPRK LARP to use your photo and likeness and to associate it with you. SPRK LARP may use or share the comments you make through our social media network, a practice which gives SPRK LARP the ability to share criticisms, ideas, comments, and praise with Staffers and others. In return SPRK LARP agrees to maintain a productive and open forum for community discussion and interaction on any and all social media networks.

I.P. Agreement

SPRK LARP at its core wants to encourage and nurture the development of the Player’s characters. To this end SPRK LARP acknowledges that Players retain ownership of the intellectual property of their character within the following bounds:

As it pertains to the character as described in that character’s backstory and character creation documents.

As it pertains to the character progression as described in that character’s sheet.

As it pertains to interactions at and between events.

Outside of the above the NPCs, setting, mods, events, and other instances of intellectual property as generated by SPRK LARP is retained by SPRK LARP for its sole use.