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In the future-fantasy world of Zanot, people are born with a whisper of Light within their souls known as a Spark which empowers them with extraordinary abilities. Heroes known as Paladins band together to use their unique abilities to protect their world from evildoers and fight for the safety and prosperity of all.

Welcome to SPRK: Age of Heroes!

SPRK: Age of Heroes (Pronounced “Spark”) is a solarpunk future-fantasy live-action role-playing game—a game in which you take on the role of your character for a day or weekend of play, and experience all the intrigues of a fantastical world. In the guise of your character, you’ll encounter everything from epic battles with monsters made from darkness to political intrigue and clashes between great figures of history as you live through the adventures with a focus on teamwork and role-play of a future-fantasy superhero story.

Check out the guidebooks if you’d like to join in the adventure! We recommend the following order:

  • Basic Mechanics Guide
    • Choose Tabletop or LARP depending upon which your next event will be.
  • Setting Guide
  • Character Creation Guide
  • Basic Playbooks

Upcoming events and pricing are always listed on our Facebook page!